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NahlaThe Transdimensional Dreamer

How quickly your entire world can shift on its axis... Just this morning I believed the WoW Galaxy and the Assembly of Women were nothing more than a legend of old. Now I come to find that not only are they real, but the portal to their world is... Through a board game!? Who could have predicted that while casually shopping with Hyra, We’d stumble upon a mystical version of this relic from our childhood, open it... And somehow get sucked into a psychedelic rabbit hole leading to the other side of the multiverse, right into the fabulous and fantastical WoW Galaxy! As luck would have it, I’ve heard that the top minds in the galaxy really do form the governing council; the Assembly of Women. So maybe - just maybe - someone there will know how to send us back home? I just need to figure out a way to join them...